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How many LyraSGM do you need to protect?

LyraSGM is the first ever Security Gateway Module, designed to deliver Interactive Security and Home Automation using customer Mobile devices. Security should be available at your finger tip, not on the wall. LyraSGM is an unique concept to protect your home, loved one, home, control lights, door lock and other Z-Wave devices.

LyraSGM can be connected anywhere in the house, its unique design will made the burglar confused, most wireless security system are installed on the wall, and first thing burglar do is, destroy the system, with LyraSGM burglar will not have any idea where is the brain of the Home Security System.

LyraSafe is as simple as connecting a digital phone to a modem. LyraSGM provides security and interactive service via supervised Ethernet connection. Also, provides Police, Fire and Medical emergency link to the 24/7 monitoring station. You could have the dual path communication using WiFi, GSM and CDMA services.


( 1 sensors included $29.00 $14.50 per additional sensor.)

How many LyraSmart do you need to protect?

This small and smart Keychain Remote will allow you to Arm/Disarm your system remotely.


( 1 sensors included $30.00 $25.00 per additional sensor.)

How many LyraPIR do you need to protect?

Protect yourself and your furry little friends while you are away from home. This PIR will allow you catch bad guy in 44 foot range.It has the Pet Imunity up to 60 lbs., your dogs, cats and runaway hamsters will never trigger a false alarm again. This superior performance PIR gives you 45 ft. x 45 ft on 90 degree angle view, which will cover a great amount space in your home and the battery life is up to 8 years. The Motion Sensors are very effective when you are not at home and intruder can be caught as soon as they come in front of the motion.


( 1 sensors included $30.00 $15.00 per additional sensor.)

How many LyraNano do you need to protect?

LyraSafe Nanomax sensors are small, long range wireless devices that can detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, gun cabinets, jewelry cabinets or drawers. Nanomax has the battery life of about 6 years. When the door opens, it disrupts the wireless connection and the sensor triggers an alert to the Touch Controller.You can get a instant notification of this sensor all time, system is in Armed or Disarmed status.


( 3 sensors included $78.00 $39.00 per additional sensor.)

How many LyraCell do you need to protect?


( 1 sensors included $0.00 $0.00 per additional sensor.)

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